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Double-Sided Home Theater

This home theater, designed by Harmony Interiors, can not only play to a roomful of people, it can accommodate the viewing pleasures of those on the other side of the screen. Designed as a Golf Dream Home at the Jack Nicklaus Signature community in North Carolina, it features an outdoor motorized 11 x 7-foot phantom screen that can be seen from the porch or the lawn with its own putting green.

It also comes with a SharpVision XV-Z3000 video projector, a projector lift located on the ceiling for storing when not in use, and a Bose AV 38 Media Center for DVDs, music, and high-definition cable programs. It also includes a built-in Visable amp, a subwoofer, Bose Jewel, Adapt IQ, and FreeSpace environmental speakers, and has a Universal remote control MX3000 touchscreen.

Imagine being able to watch this 2007 Home of The Year award winner and practice along with the pros at the same time. You may not have to be a Tiger Woods, but hopefully you have enough expertise to putt away without endangering the equipment.

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vavolo watchCassily Lu, vavolo’s Marketing Specialist, has just let Gear Live know about their luxury watch that does more than just mark the time. It has a 1.5-inch display on its 269K OLED true color screen with a hi-res 128 x 128 pixel image. It shows the time and date and can be used to clock regular or military time. With a 1 GB capacity, it supports MP3s, MP4s, WMA, and SMVs for music, including a lyrics display for you karaoke junkies, JPEGs to create your own slideshow, and features digital changable recording speeds. It will hold up to 8 hours of music and only takes about 1.5 hours to recharge with its included AC adapter or ion-lithium batteries via USB.

Here comes the part that we like best. The do-it-all watch allows you E-book browsing and is available in 5 different system languages. We always wanted to learn Hungarian. Contact vavolo to pick one up for only $99.00.

(Thanks, Cassily)

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Magic RingtoneSo we told you about Horntones, which allows you to change your car’s horn to any sound or song in MP3 format. Sounds fun but potentially dangerous and chaotic. Here’s something similar but a lot safer: a device called Magic Ringtone allows you to change your home phone’s ring to that of any MP3 sound. Just transfer the file from your PC to the device via USB, then attach your landline phone. Now instead of an generic ring, you can choose a babbling brook or a babbling Britney to alert you of incoming calls. We especially love the low cost of $12 USD, but apparently so does everyone else, as the Magic Ringtone is currently sold out. Stay tuned…

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Earbuds are the simplest things, but sometimes they can be the biggest annoyance when they don’t fit properly in the ear. V-Moda comes to the rescue with Modaphones, which come in cool colors that actually match the hot-to-trot colors of the new iPod nano. Plus, Modaphones are slightly angled for a better fit (most high-end earbuds are designed this way), and they come with a collection of tips to customize the fit even more. Equally impressive are the specs: the frequency range is 18 hertz to 22,000 hertz, while the bass level is 122 decibels at 20 hertz. Pricing? The Bass Freq and Remix models are $50 USD, while the Vibe (shown) is $100 USD. Available at most online and retail electronic stores, including the Apple store.

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iPod nano We have heard the rumor that microwave ovens can injure someone with a pacemaker, now we find out that PMPs can do the same. A study was conducted by a 17 year-old high school student who gave iPods to one hundred subjects, the mean age being 77. Electrical interference was detected in about 50% of the cases when the PMP was held for 5 to 10 seconds, two inches away from a patient’s chest. Occasionally, it even caused problems when held up to 18 inches away, and in one case it made a pacemaker stop working altogether. Next time you decide to take a jaunt into a retirement home, you had better leave the music behind.

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iCarta iPod Toilet Paper DockWe have another entry in the sometimes wacky world of iPod docks and holders. They’ve invaded our bedrooms, closets, cubicles, backyards...and now the bathroom. Yes, we’re talking about the iCarta Toilet Paper Holder, which holds, charges and plays your iPod while you do your thing. The dock is moisture-resistant, but somehow we don’t think the iPod is, so be careful if taking a hot shower. The iCarta has four stereo speakers, includes an AC adaptor, measures 8x4x5”, and can be used with all iPods with dock connectors. Available for $70 USD, iPod and toilet paper not included.

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iPod Digital Drumsticks

Are you a frustrated “air drummer”, tired of all the air guitarists getting all the love, including their own documentary? Well, to cheer you up, we’ve found a device made especially for you: Digital Drumsticks. They’re motion-activated, with a control module that connects to both your iPod (or any MP3 player) and to a stereo system or headphones. You can then hear yourself play to your favorite tune, and the drumsticks have buttons that allow you to play different types of drum or cymbal effects. You also have the option to play along with your choice of six background songs instead of your iPod. Unfortunately, Hammacher Schlemmer has already been inundated with aspiring Ringos, as the $30 USD device is currently sold out. Stay tuned…

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iPod 5th GenNot too long ago, we informed you about the latest version of iTunes, which addressed most incompatibility issues with Windows Vista. Apple has now released an update that will “...correct an issue that caused some iPods to become corrupted when ejecting them using Windows Explorer or the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ function in the System Tray,” according to Microsoft’s Windows Vista Team. The team also states that “...[Microsoft and Apple] recommend you download this software.”

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FrontGate Inflatable Home Theater

FrontGate’s new Home Theater comes with an inflatable, hi-def white vinyl HD screen, just in case you are sitting in your outside jacuzzi and want to catch the Grey’s Anatomy finale during Nielsens sweeps this month. Made of mesh reinforced PVC, it also comes with an Epson Movie Mate 30 DVD Player/projector, CD/DVD player, a high-speed air pump, and two full-range self-powered speakers with 30 foot audio cables. Included in the $2,499.00 to $2,999.00 price is your choice of an 8 or 12 foot screen with 16 x 9 widescreen, a ground sheet, ground stakes, and nylon rope for stabilizing, just in case a storm’s abrewin’. When it finally hits, FrontGate claims it will fold up neatly into its own padded bag.


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Boomwave has designed a new series of alternate covers for your iPod nano 2G. In contrast to their demoniac cases, the cutesy Beraphims are crafted of silicone and come with cutesy names such as Articlaw, Ursa Mire R, Eyestein, Drizzly, Paw-a-tree and Flambear. The skins, at sizes of 60 x 105 x 18 mm and weights of 50 g, feature screen and click wheel protectors, paws for wrapping earphones, and included neck straps. Even more creative than the Beraphims are their descriptions. This Japanese company certainly knows their PR. They are available from ProClip Direct for 290 Yen (~$25.00.)


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