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iH2OW Hidro-Fi

So we recently told you about the iCarta, a toilet paper holder that’s also an iPod dock and speaker system. The only thing was, we cautioned you about using it during hot showers, as the would be exposed to the steam. Not so with iH2OW Hidro-Fi from iHome. It’s a water-resistant, dual speaker-system and dock, that will house most types of iPods (and MP3 players), and is powered by four AA batteries or an AC Adaptor (it is recommended to use batteries when using the device during a bath or shower). The iH2OW has an attached strap as it is designed to be hung from a rod or shower hook.  There’s even a headphone jack, for private listening. The only thing is, there is no display, only basic track and volume controls, which some music lovers may find limiting. According to the website the iH2OW is coming soon, and will be available for $80 USD.


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Sagem of Paris has released My DU@L RADIO, which can be connected to a wireless box to bypass your PC and is capable of receiving up to 7,000 worldwide web radio stations with a remote or included keypad. It will save your fave 500 stations and remember them in alphabetical order even if you cannot. The device also features a USB port to connect an PMP or external disc drive so you can then utilize “Audio Client” to browse your MP3s, WMAs and WAV files that are already on your computer. If you do not yet own WiFi, you can hook the RADIO up with an Ethernet cable. Finally, there is an RDS FM radio, a programmable alarm clock, and a price of 149,99 € (~$201.00.) Contact Sagem Online for a dealership near you.


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Start MobileStart Mobile is responding to our desire for musical ringtones that can cost as much as or more than a full song price. M60s are minute long tracks that are downloadable to cell phones and/or mobile devices. The service also encourages independent musicians, bands, producers, and DJs to contribute with their own noble efforts, the only stipulation being that they must meet the 1 minute time requirement. To make the service user friendlier, Start Mobile has offered hundreds of the M60s free of charge for the next 60 days. Check out their site and try a few previews to see how much variety and talent can be had for the asking. Our props to the little dot-com that could.

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Sony Ericsson W910Sony Ericsson’s W910 Walkman Phone is an interesting combination of functionality. The cell phone offers HSDPA support, high speed Internet access, Media Manager for videos, images, and music with playlist, which you can literally shuffle by shaking the phone. It also features PlayNow 4.0 to access music from Sony BMG. Of course you also get that Walkman quality audio. The W910 will be available in Q4 2007 in your choice of Hearty Red or Noble Black, with an optional 1GB memory stick.

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Disney MplayerThere are so many iPod imitators out there they are all beginning to look alike, so it should not be a surprise that Disney has decided to enter the market with the screenless Mplayer designed by iriver so that it at least looks unique. Tweak the left ear to adjust the volume and the right one to change tracks. The 3.5 mm headphone hangs on top, while the mini-USB port is on the bottom. Available in blue, pink, silver, white, or black, the PMP will ship in South Korea later this month. This sounds like another summer release that will hit the rest of the world by Christmas.

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OMS BX100Okoro has just released a new Windows Vista compatible BX series of digital entertainment players with dual HD-DVD and Blu-ray playability. Both models feature a huge storage capacity of 25-25GB (single layer) and 30-50GB (dual,) and have 1080p HD resolution and up to 8 channels of surround sound. They are also backward compatible with current CD/DVD formats.

The OMS-BX100 can handle 500GB of SATA storage at a price of $2,995.00, while the BX300 stores up to 1TB of information and can be yours for $3,595.00. If one of the disc types eventually gets phased out, that’s a considerable sum to have invested. It reminds us of a time long ago when 8-track players could handle 4-track tunes.

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hideously outdated equipmentWhat is the status of your current home theater? If it looks like ours, it could definitely use a make-over. Enter The Makeshifters contest with your own sob story and images or video and you could win a new center with A/V equipment from Denon and Boston Acoustics, some La-Z-Boy loungers and DVDs, CD, and free installation from Circuit City. The winner is to be determined by viewers choice, so make your tale of woe a good one.
If you don’t receive the grand prize you might still get the First Runner-up Award of a recliner and $500.00 shopping spree, or be one of 4 Third Prize winners or a monthly prize. All participants will receive a $10.00 gift Certificate from Circuit City, which means everyone wins. Voting will begin June 8 and the last time you can submit an entry is July 20.

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earBuddyFinally there is an earbud case cool enough to go with your iPod. The earBuddy is made by SendStation of ballistic nylon and can withstand 200 lbs. (90 kg) of force if you happen to get caught in foul weather. The case also has an inside frame so that you can keep your earbuds wound up, as opposed to just shoving them inside. Available with a detachable keyring and weighing less than an ounce, the earBuddy can be yours in orange/silver or black at the SendStation Store for $14.95.

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IncipioHitchWe are constantly trying to decide whether to use our extra USB port for downloading more music to our iPod or keeping our infra-red mouse hooked up. The IncipioHitch connects to the Apple sync and charge port on a second generation nano and converts it to a simple USB. The gadget is available in black or white for $14.99, but you can also get a Limited Edition Zebra from IncipioHitch soon. We’re all in favor of anything that can make our cords a bit less chaotic behind our PCs. As it is, we are almost too scared to look back there.

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Finger DrumsIf you are one of those neurotic finger drummers, you can really impress your friends and annoy your coworkers with this Finger Drum Kit. Approximately 18 cm wide, it has five fully functional parts. The kit is comprised of a large and small tom-tom, snare drum, base drum with pedal, and cymbal. The gadget features recording and playback capabilities, internal LED, and has a demo so that you can hear what your riffs should sound like. The mini-kit needs 4 AAA batteries (not included,) and is available for £14.99 (~$30.00.) 

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